Henry Holiday's Picture Puzzles in his Illustrations
to Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark
see the Bellman on the front cover "We have neglected the gift of comprehending things through our senses. Concept is divorced from percept, and thought moves among abstractions. Our eyes have been reduced to instruments with which to identify and to measure; hence we suffer a paucity of ideas that can be expressed in images and in an incapacity to discover meaning in what we see. Naturally we feel lost in the presence of objects that make sense only to undeluted vision, and we seek refuge in the more familiar medium of words. ... The inborn capacity to understand through the eyes has been put to sleep and must be reawakened." 
(Rudolf Arnheim: Art and Visual Perception, 1974, p. 1) Vectorized segment from the illustration to "The Beaver's Lesson" Self portrait photography by Charles Lutwige Dodgson (slightly rotated and vectorized mirror view) Wood-block print Low pass filtered wood-block print Lewis Carroll view image directly
Henry Holiday, Joseph Swain: segment of The Beaver's Lesson
(top: vectorized, left: original, middle: low pass filtered)

Photo self portrait by Lewis Carroll (mirror view)
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